From L/C to TradeCard



It’s been five months my buyer changing their payment from L/C to Tradecard…

It’s more simple than L/C and off course reduce paperwork…

Here are a little about tradecard for whom it may useful 🙂


About TradeCard

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Buying and selling globally is complex, but TradeCard makes it easier – and cheaper.


The Award-Winning Engine of Profitable Trade Management

Buying sweaters from China? For these types of transactions and everything in between, the TradeCard platform enables cost-effective financial supply chain automation – superior visibility, document management and workflow. When these elements come together, they empower revolutionary change in global trade management.


When Everyone is on the Same Electronic Page, There’s No More Paperwork

TradeCard connects trading partners and routes and stores their trade documentation electronically-from purchase orders (P.O.s) to electronic invoices. All parties have appropriate access to view and amend documents as the transaction progresses. No more scrambling for phone, fax and overnight shipping. Just paperless ease and efficiency.


They’re Your Business Processes. We Make Them Even Better.

TradeCard assimilates its services into your financial processes. Electronic document collection. Patented document matching. Discrepancy resolution. Automated payments. Visible receivables. Manage your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable with precision.


Liberate Every Dollar, Euro, Yen From Your Transaction

The complexity of global trade locks up money for both buyers and suppliers. TradeCard and its team of world-leading financial institution partners offer innovative financing options designed to optimize cash flow for both buyers and sellers at the same time.


Integrated Electronic Finance And Trade Services From The World’s Leading Providers

Request shipment inspections. Review logistics status. Get financing, credit, early payment or terms extensions. Do it all with TradeCard. TradeCard has pre-integrated the services of more than 100 trade and finance companies into the transaction flow and they’re available the instant you become a TradeCard member.






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