Love Love

Have you ever ask your partner about why does he/she love you? He (let we said ‘he’ ya…..) will have no answer why if he really love you :). Bcoz you have no reason to love someone. If you have the reason that was not love. So what is that? Perhaps it’s just some kind of…hohoho…actually i do not know…

Have you ever really really love someone? You will do anything for him, right? Anything including something that impossible to do…
I have tried to investigated my feeling about love. What is my reason to love my honey bunny? I have no reason…

Ow..what is love actually? Sometimes love is just something that make us like a foolish it? Love can make you addict on someone also. Haha…perhaps i am the one of… :p


  1. love is never blind. it just… has no eyes to see
    just enjoy the feeling of being up and down of it.
    see you around soon, yessy.
    salatiga? or jogja?

  2. Love.. It blind n it deaf. If it can see n hear, I said, thats the logic tells. Neither to feel. If it does, i said thats the body respons.
    But love may stimulate people to.

    nice 2 meet u here.. 🙂

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