and the the day is coming..i have no choice except prepare all the things for my moving…
packing is one of hardest thing to do…

sometimes thing is not as difficult as we thought before…
moving processing running well…with my yellow ‘daster’ (huauauauaua..can you imagine how do i look like when do the packing??? :p ) i do packing step by step…stop a while…eating..packing again…stop again…sleeping….
and it’s finished at 1 pm….

OK..then how shoud i move all this big packages from Jakarta to Salatiga?
my PC..u know i have a 17 inch monitor with konde…(think to buy an ACER but…hmmmfffhh…it’s not an urgent thing my self), my bic bag, my speaker..i have total 3 (very) bag package and 2 small package…
Send it by courier? You know it’s not a good idea…it will be very expensive..then i call a travel..reserve for two sits for tonight….

The bus arrived at 7 pm…the driver help to loading (akakakkakaka….logistic banget…) to the bus…. then..nobody in the bus..i’m alone??? hiyaaaaaaa……

And finally..there are only me and a mom with her two sons in the bus…we are the only passenger…
I feel like a real Luna Maya goes to Ndeso..with a very good driver..hahahhahahaha….

And i arrived at Salatiga at 10 pm….
Hmmm…i will stay in this city ya….
So what city next??? Holland or Rotterdam??? ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s depend on Dear God ๐Ÿ™‚

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