So you will go?

And i still dunno how to explain the feeling..trying to find anywhere but i couldnt.
I dont know but sometimes i just feel that you are the only who can understand the dark side of my heart. You are the only one who always keep smiling even i said the worst word to you.I guess anyone else will up set or maybe will give me worst word back. But you do not.
You are the only one who know and understand that i am not stronger as people thougt. You are the only who always stand by to hear and be there for my midnight attack..

But now you will go..for a better life,for a better tomorrow..i will pray for you..i hope you can reach your dream..and i hope there will be somebody waiting for you there..and you will be in love each other..and happy..
Good luck my always your happiness is mine too…
All the best for you..God bless you…


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