Oh My God..it was rain hard when my bus arrived at Sukun. A economic class bus Surabaya – Solo. i have no choice since it was 8.30 pm and no other better bus i can use.
9.30 pm arrived at Sukun. Shit! Where are the taxi? They usually wait for passenger here but tonight i can see nothin’. Grrrkk..i have to continue my trip with Orange angkot to get some place for getting a taxi. Ummmfffhh..i feel so uncomfortable..i will stop this Angkot once the rain stop. But the rain was harder and harder…hoaaaaaaaaa… 😦
10.00 pm arrived at Java, continued again with a Taxi..i have to get Tawang before 10.22..the train is waiting for me…it will be a big problem if i missed.

Uppphh…im so tired, sleepy, sad, everything mixed!!!


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