Hello again, Singapore!

Hello again, Singapore! 🙂

It’s only  a few weeks ago i posted “See you soon, Singapore!” on this blog and then last week i can really see this Lion city. Perhaps i need to post more about Maastricht and said “See you at Maastricht Centraal!” to someone then a few weeks later i can really see her/him at Maastricht Centraal? Haha…who knows 🙂

I was in Singapore for business trip and have no time for fun. Arrived at 7.15 pm at Changi and  go directly to hotel by taxi. Arrived at The Quincy Hotel on around 8 pm, had a dinner at No Sign Board seafood restaurant in Geylang with my colleagues. And before we back to hotel we bought Old Town White Coffee in a supermarket. Yes, it’s my favorite instant coffee. And i wondering why there is no Indonesia instant coffee tasted like Old Town. For me, all of them are too sweet and slightly watery. Sorry, but it’s only for me ya 🙂

Then the next day, we have a full day meeting in our Singapore office. Got lunch in a restaurant at Suntec and continue the meeting until 6pm. And then we took dinner at Marche -a restaurant at Somerset, Orchard. It was rain and after dinner we decided to back to hotel early. It’s already 10pm actually. Not that early.

There is no direct flight from Singapore to Semarang on that day, then we have to fly to Jakarta first, then continue with another flight to Semarang. I did not have time to buy something for my son then i bought something Spiderman (you know what i mean, ya? 🙂 ) at Changi Airport.

It’s was a nice trip after all. And i do know why i just feel that there is an unfinished thing with Singapore. Is it because my novel “Maastricht Memory”? But i am sure that i need to come again. So….see you soon, Singapore! 🙂


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