Coffee Lover

What kind of coffee do you like mostly? Originalle or some kind mixed coffee like Espresso Classics, C & C Fraffio, or Cappucino?

coffee_planet1 I love coffee so much, all kind of coffee…

I usually take coffee time with my fren when i still stay in Semarang. Talking about many thing with thousand star in the sky. Cup by cup….we will not let the night passed away without our laugh, our conversation about dream, hope, sadness, happiness…hmmm…i really really miss that time….

And every morning on my office day..a cup of Moccachino never absent on my table…

And….the coffee also usually accompany me to fetch thousand imagination…

And you know what. I am very happy bcoz one of benefit on my present company is..” free coffe all the days, seven days a week, four week a month…”

ahahahah…why do we usually happy on somethin’ free? 🙂


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