New York City

Yesterday, my 35 months old baby boy suddenly asked me, ” Mom, have you got a lot of money?”

“Money? What for?” i asked him back.

“When will we go to America? You said that you need to save money and we can go there when we have a lot of money, right?”

Okay! About one month a go, this little guy suddenly said that he wanna go to America. When i asked what for, he said that he wanna meet Spiderman. Oh my….how can he know that Spiderman live in America?

At that time i said “We can not go now, we need a lot of money to reach America. I need to save money and we will go to America when we have enough money.”

I thought that it is only a temporary wish and he will forget about America, but i am wrong. Since one month a go, it’s been nine times or ten times he asked me about this. And again, yesterday he asked me the same question.

Then i said, “We have not get a lof of money, i still need to save more,”

“Why is it so long?”

“Please be patient! If you really want something, you have to wait!”


“Good boy!”

“But mom, is there anyone of your friend has visit America?” errrrrr…….

“Yes, Tante Kacamana (one of my friend ) has ever visited America.”

“May i call her?”

“What for?”

“Umm…no…no need!” then he smiled.

Shall we go to New York City first before we go to Maastricht? 😀




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