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I sent an email to an online store on September, 9. My email was about a request to change my order status to be “delivered” instead of “shipped”. It’s been three days since i received my package when i sent my request to them actually. I need to return my order and replace with another one, and it can only be done if my order status has been changed to be delivered. That’s the reason why i requested them to change the status. 

I expected to receive response within the same day like they always done in the past. Yes, i have many times bought many thing from this online store. They used to reply my email on about 3-6 hours later, but now? Even after 3-6 days i got no reply yet.

It’s been more than a week and no response yet. One of condition for return order is you have to return the goods latest by 14 days from the date it’s delivered to your address. Then i decide to forget about my plan for returning order. It’s been too late. And my order status on their website is still “shipped”. This is my fault. I have to read more detail when ordered something on online store. So i do not need to do return order. OK. Case closed!

But it has not closed already. On September, 18 they replied my email. Yes, after nine days. And what’s the email about? Did they informed me that they have changed my order status to be “delivered”? I hope so, but the email is only some kind of automatic reply explaining that they are very busy and there will be delay on responding email from customers. They apologize for inconvenience. The numbers of incoming email is beyond their expectation. Then they need time to respond and find solution for my request.

After nine days? I think i should received that kind of automatic reply email on the day i sent my email. No need to waiting for nine days only to hear that they are very busy. It’s a big online store and they should prepare well and predict the number of customers. Customer is king, right? Or is it change to be seller is a king when your store is full of visitors? I do not think so.

Anyway, i am not complaining. I just need to say something 🙂


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