Borobudur, after years

I had a trip to Borobudur last week with my colleagues from Netherlands and Singapore and some of our distributor from Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and India. It was a part of training session for our distributor.

We are 18 persons and departed from Salatiga at 7.30am by bus. A tour guide from travel agent came with us. The driver took Kopeng route and we arrived at Borobudur on around 9am. It was a little bit cloudy, not really hot as usual. A perfect weather for visiting Borobudur.

I can not recall when was my last time visited Borobudur. I think it’s about ten years a go. Maybe. I am not sure. But i felt that Borobudur is really different with the one that i saw years a go. I do not know, but i understand that it is only my feeling. Borobudur has no change of course. It is still the same with it is on years a go.

Some part of the temple was under construction on that day. And we can also saw some people who do cleaning the temple, they brushed the rock with broom stick. Hmm..i guess it was the difference that’s captured by my heart. Years ago when i came here, there is no kind of this activity there.

We had about three hours before we decide to leave. Takes many pictures (of course). And girls did some shopping on the street market. I have told them that better to buy some souvenirs in Mirota where we do not need to bargain. But yeah…shopping is shopping

We got our lunch in Borobudur Silver Resto, and still did some shopping (again) at a silver shop near to the resto. After lunch, some girls still again need to buy something in the silver shop. They promised us that they only need five minutes, but it was five minutes times five 😀

We plan to visit Ullen  Sentalu in Kaliurang actually, but it was too late when we arrived there. It’s 3.45pm and they closed at 4pm. The tour guide try to negotiated with the ticket officer to open the museum for 10-20 minutes for us, but it’s not work. Yeah, unfortunately. I do know how did the tour guide prepared this trip. And i won’t talking about it here

We then go back to Yogyakarta, take a stop in Jalan Kaliurang for Durian. Our colleagues from Australia and New Zealand like Durian so much. They ate a lot. And the price was cheaper comparing with Salatiga. After Durian time we go to Malioboro and Mirota, time for shopping again 🙂

Take a dinner at 7.30pm and then back to Salatiga. See you on another trip, guys. In your country of course ya, not in Indonesia again. Hahahaha…. 🙂


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