let your meaningless comment to be unspoken

When you feeling down and came to one of your friend to share, i am not agree when a statement “look at your self! you are very lucky comparing with many peoples out there! so don’t be sad!” out from their mouth. I do really understand that they do not mean that you are happy for other’s misfortune, but still it’s not a good way to motivate someone and or your self.

I am not a kind of person who can easily share about my problem to another peoples, i prefer to keep it inside my heart and cheers up my self by doing something that i really like. And i never find my self feeling better when i compare my self with anyone who are (i assume) not as lucky as me. Comparing is not a good way to motivate yourself. Instead of make peace in your heart,  it will lead you to a worse heart situation that can ruin your days.

Everybody has their own sadness and happiness. Don’t judge someone’s life unless you have known them in years. And in many situation when you think that you have to understand, you actually are not required to understand. You only need to shut your mouth and let your meaningless comment to be unspoken.


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