Are you a problem solver? Or a problem preventer?

Sometimes it will be more appreciated when someone can solve a problem than prevent a problem. Perhaps it happened because people can really see the difference from “problem” to be “no problem”.

There is a straight line between before and after, and problem solver is the one who switch the condition. And sometimes they will be called as a hero.

But what is happen with the problem preventer? The problem preventer have done many things to avoid problem. But you never can see what they have done.

It’s just like nothing happened.

And all the things running smoothly, while there might be so many problem if they do nothing.

Again, but you can not see what they have done. You do not see the difference.

So, are you a problem solver? Or a problem preventer?

Will you let a little fire become bigger and wait people see you extinguish it? Only when peoples see you.

Will you?


One comment

  1. In life problems always come and go..Problems make us stronger, tougher, and wiser. At least there is always lesson learn..that’s my opinion hasian 😉 I think I am a problem solver.

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